Taranaki region

The Taranaki Region has many rivers, streams, creeks and ponds that provide good habitat for waterfowl. This translates into consistently good shooting and Taranaki hunters are among the most successful in the North Island.

Most Taranaki trout fisheries have their source within the Egmont or Tongariro National Parks and provide a high quality angling experience in a scenic and un-crowded environment. There is little fishing pressure in the region and anglers appreciate the peace and solitude that comes with the fishing.

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Taranaki News

Taranaki Reel Life Sep 2016

Taranaki Fish & Game staff are tipping local trout streams to be in good condition when the new fishing season opens on Saturday October 1, 2016


Taranaki Reel Life Aug 2016

A wet July and regular rainfall throughout winter has restored river and stream base flows and provided good conditions for trout spawning.


Taranaki Both Barrels Jul 2016

While the season for ducks and swan ended in early July, pukeko can still be hunted in Taranaki until Sunday August 28.


Taranaki Both Barrels Jun 2016

Hunting picks up as season progresses

As is usual in Taranaki, hunters that have continued chasing ducks through the season have had reasonable success.